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What People Say About Us

Testimonial by L.G.

My back was killing me and I couldn't take the pain anymore, but after you took care of me I feel great. I really appreciate you taking good care of me. Thank you very much.  

Testimonial by S.S.

I used to go here with my mother. Latch, So & Hipp Chiropractic saved her spine. 5 stars because my mom is able to work now and is doing great!


Testimonial by L.H.

My neuro surgeon wanted to perform spinal fusion since the two operations he performed did not help me. Even after the first week I noticed a considerable change. It has ben six months now and I am back to work. I was able to graduate from nursing school. My pain is almost non-existant and I feel like a new person. I will never- I MEAN NEVER make the same mistake I did years ago and stop going to my chiropractor!  

Testimonial by S.V.

I had a terrible pain in my lower back- I could not bend over at all, tie my shoes, or do certain daily tasks such as getting dressed without excruciating pain. I didn't need painkillers, I needed HELP! So I came here on my own to find out what chiropractic was all about. My progress started out slow and I was still in pain, but it was helping. After one and a half months of treatment by Dr. David Latch, I am feeling 100% better. I can bend over without pain and I can do things without wincing in pain every time I try. I would now recommend Chiropractic care before any other. Chiropractic has made a world of difference in my life!  

Testimonial by A.Y.

I had terrible back pain and they really helped me out when no one else could. I was sick of taking pain killers to cover up the pain. I saw Dr David Latch, but I think all the doctors are good and they're very experienced. They're not too expensive like some places, too.  

Testimonial by Naz Khan

Dr. Dan Latch has a gift for helping people. I really feel like he is listening to me when I share my concerns and it's not like I'm some faceless body going through a revolving door the way it is with some doctors. I highly recommend him if you want RESULTS.  

Testimonial by V.H.

I had experienced a sharp pain in my forearm and thumb twitching while working on my computer. I was told by a different doctor that I could either have cortizone shots or surgery. With two more visits, my condition did not improve and I did not like either of those two alternatives. Instead, I tried alternatives therapies, First, I tried massage therapy and it immediately gave me great deal of pain relief. Two years later, I began to loose strenght in my arm and felt great deal of pain in my shoulders. I could not lift a single piece of dishware or fall asleep at night because of the pain in my hands, arms and shoulders. I returned to a masseuse and she explained I needed to see a chiropractor. So I decided to go to Latch, So & Hipp Chiropractic. With 3 chiropractic visits a week, I had complete pain relief and full strenght back in my hands, arms, and shoulders within 3 months. Now, 6 months later I am still pain free but continue Chiropractic Care from Dr. David Latch once a month.  

Testimonial by C.P.

Dr So is like Jesus for the spine. My neck had been cracking for the last year and a half and it was freaking me out. My previous chiropractor didn't even take X-rays, for chrissakes. These guys did the X-rays, did the tests, told me what was wrong, and gave me the crack right away. I felt great right after the first crack session. Who knew that sitting in front of a computer for 20 years could skew people thus? God bless that crack doctor man, for I was sick, and now I am healed.  

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